We service what we sell. We also provide service contracts for the customer that wants to maintain their equipment in peak working condition. We provide all customers with the maintenance options on their equipment. Due to the many different functions of various HVAC equipment, a case by case study is required to provide the most effective solution to maintain these systems.


We can provide in-house mechanical engineering services as needed for any design build project. We also offer in-house BIM (Building Information Modeling) services to assist in building construction coordination. Using a digital 3D model to find conflicts between trades helps resolve potential issues before they become real issues in the field saving time and money.



We have a fully staffed piping installation department whose capabilities include chilled water and hot water piping, in addition to steam, gas, fuel oil, and refrigerant piping. All pipe welding is performed by certified welders. Additionally, each of our refrigerant pipe fitters are EPA certificatied in proper handling and removal of refrigerants.


Service Calls

Our business is built on the strength of our service. When a piece of equipment malfunctions, we make it a priority to respond as quickly as possible, usually on the same business day. We also have an on call service for any emergency situations which occur during nights, weekends, or any time the business office is closed.



With each visit on every piece of equipment, we complete a preventative maintenance form with information and data that details the performance of that equipment. This provides us with details on the functions of each particular unit. The preventative maintenance form is also made available to each customer via fax, e-mail, or on a PDF format for a small fee.

Sheet Metal

We install all types of sheet metal ductwork. Specialty work includes 16 gauge welded duct for kitchen hoods. Also, other custom applications include stainless steel, copper, and aluminum. We can fabricate and install double wall duct with perforated metal internal liner for sound attenuation. All of our duct systems are installed in accordance with SMACNA standards.


Our service department is committed to providing the most reliable and timely service available. We utilize the following to assure the satisfaction of all our customers. Visit our About Us page to view our license numbers



All employees are continually kept up to date on the ever changing technology in today’s HVAC industry. We also factory educate our personnel for specialized equipment to fulfill all of our customer’s needs.



Service is provided on a large variety of equipment, from small data room units to chillers (up to 300 tons) to oil and gas boilers, to VAV systems. Call for a full list of all the equipment that we service. We also service MRI Chillers.


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